Text for Lover's Farewell

              From: Miller, A Study of Folklore in Watauga County, North Carolina ( 1938)
Sung by Mrs. Clarence Isaacs, August 2,1937, Isaacs' Branch, Sugar Grove
North Carolina.
The Lover's Farewell
“ In Johnson City where I did dwell
There lived a boy I loved so well
He courted me my heart away,
And then with me he would not stay.
“ In that same city there lived a girl
Whose house he'd go and sit around
He’d pull her down upon his knee
And tell her things he wouldn't tell me.
“ And I will tell you the reason why:
Because she had more gold than I.
Her gold will melt and her beauty will fly;
She’ll see the day she’s poor as I."
It was late in the evening when her father came home,
Inquiring where his daughter had gone
He ran upstairs and the door he broke,
He found her hanging by his own bed rope.
He took his knife and cut her down
And in her bosom this letter was found.
" Go dig my grave both wide and deep;
Place a marble stone at my head and feet.
" And on my grave place a weeping willow tree,
That it may weep and mourn for me.
And in this tree place a turtle dove,
To show the world that I died for love."
This letter was written by her own right hand
This letter was written to a brisk- eyed man,
“ Go read it o’er, my love, said she,
" For this'll be the last you read of me."